Monday, November 03, 2008
See FANUC Robotics on YouTube and In the News
FANUC robots on the cover of Modern Casting Magazine

From YouTube to news sites, FANUC Robotics and its integrators are regularly featured in a variety of publications and on the Web. The following lists recent articles in the news and videos online:


YouTube – FANUC Robotics’ YouTube Channel


Subscribe to FANUC Robotics’ YouTube channel and see our latest intelligent robot solutions for manufacturing, including the new M-2000iA, the world’s largest and strongest robot.


Assembly Magazine – Video News: Live From Assembly Technology Expo


Robot builder FANUC Robotics had a number of robotic work cells on display, including a photovoltaic wafer-handling system and pair of robots producing lawn mower crank assemblies. The various cells featured both integrated machine vision and force sensing capabilities. –  Automated Camouflage 


Painting military vehicles using automated robotic systems can save millions of dollars, improve quality, protect workers and speed the painting process, allowing defense contractors to get vehicles to the soldiers much faster. - Washdown-compatible robot meets USDA hygiene requirements


Washdown-compatible M-430iA/2F food picking robot ranks as first robot to meet hygiene requirements for meat/poultry processing. Robot from FANUC Robotics America, Inc., Rochester Hills, MI, earns certification from US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Washington, DC.


Modern Casting - Metalcaster of the Year: Signicast


Five steps into the wax injection room in Signicast’s Hartford, Wis., Module 4, it’s easy to assume it’s break time for the investment caster’s workers. Walkways are clear, and stations are empty but for a single employee drifting through. Then you notice the robots. Quietly but efficiently they work in their cells, extracting freshly produced wax patterns from the injection machines and transferring them to cooling baths.


Control Engineering - How large is this robot? World's largest, Fanuc says. It is holding?


The M-2000iA is the world’s largest and strongest six-axis robot.  It has the longest reach and the strongest wrist – surpassing all other six-axis robots available today.  The wrist strength sets a record, but more importantly, allows our customers to move large heavy parts a great distance with maximum stability