July 2009

FANUC Robotics Certified Education Robot Training (CERT)

FANUC Robotics Certified Education Robot Training (CERT), launched in 2008, certifies instructors at educational institutions to train their students to program FANUC robots, and is available to qualified high schools, community colleges and universities.  CERT has proven to be a very successful program, and is now being used in schools across the country. 

“CERT has proven to be a very effective program for training students to be qualified for successful careers in high-tech manufacturing,” said Andy Denny, vice president, Customer Resource Center, FANUC Robotics.  “In just over a year there are literally hundreds of students across the country learning to use a FANUC industrial robot while getting practical knowledge of how math and science are applied in manufacturing.”

At the recent Robots & Vision show, the CERT mobile training unit’s intelligent LR Mate 200iC robot equipped with iRVision® 2D (built-in), was used to locate blocks with holes and insert pegs into the holes at 30, 60 and 90 degree angles.   

“FANUC Robotics created the CERT program in response to the growing need for a qualified technical work force in manufacturing, “ said Peter Varbedian, senior staff specialist, FANUC Robotics. “With this package, students can learn fundamental through advanced engineering and manufacturing concepts, and they will work with the same robots, software and applications that are used in industry."

“Working to promote technical education and helping students learn about the advances and careers in manufacturing are key components of our Save Your Factory Initiative,” said Denny.  “Now more then ever, North American manufacturers understand that a technical workforce combined with implementing robotic automation is a strategy that will help them remain viable and competitive.  The increasing success of our CERT program is evidence that technical education is being taken seriously.”  For more information, call 1-800-iQ-ROBOT or email us at CERT13@fanucrobotics.com.