July 2009

FANUC Robotics in Terminator Salvation

FANUC Robotics America, Inc., the world’s leading supplier of industrial robots, has a starring role assembling an army of Terminators in Warner Brothers’ Terminator Salvation.

“We provided a total of 18 FANUC robots including eight M-710iC/50, six M-10iA and four M-410iB robots for the production,” said Jonathan Perez, district manager at FANUC Robotics’ West facility in Orange County, CA. 

Perez and other FANUC engineers provided technical support on the movie’s SKYNET set where FANUC robots welded Terminators on a moving hanging conveyor, and painted completed human-like Terminators at the end of the production line. 

“The FANUC models had a refined clean-room look that worked perfectly for our sophisticated laboratory set, where the T-800 Terminator of the future is assembled.  I could see them at work in an application that was meant to be an assembly line for the most technologically advanced Terminator models,” said Victor Zolfo, Terminator Salvations’ Academy Award-winning set decorator.

“Our experience with FANUC was excellent from start to finish - everything we were promised and shown by Jonathan Perez was delivered and functioned as promised.  On a movie set there are always last minute adjustments and tweaking required, and the technicians were very cooperative and helpful on a daily basis, added Zolfo.

FANUC Robots have appeared in a wide variety of entertainment productions, including an ad to promote the third season of  MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew.   The ad, called "Factory Perfection", was filmed at FANUC Robotics’ West facility features dancing from Super Cr3w and swaying from the robots.

According to Zolfo, the crew was impressed with the FANUC robots and the way they were seamlessly integrated into the story.  “I have heard many critics praise the strong production value of the film and I believe the incorporation of functioning robotics really helped to sell the fantasy.  I was very pleased overall with our relationship with FANUC and hope to be able to partner with the company again.”