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cRc Call Center

FANUC America Customer Resource Call Center

Canada & United States: 1-888-326-8287

Press 1: Technical Phone Support

  • Technical phone support
  • Highly qualified technical support specialists
  • 24/7 Support
  • Automatic email notification and verification for all technical questions open and closed.

For best call results have:

  • Controller and teach pendant type
  • Robot F#*
  • Software type and version
  • Any error messages and LED displays (if applicable)
  • P.O. or credit card, for warranty, down robot, or preventive maintenance service orders

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Press 2: Parts & Repair..

Facsimile: 248-377-7832

  • Parts/Repair orders including quotes, order follow-up, warranty, repair and down robot.
  • Robot software and software options

For best call results have:

  • Part descriptions & number (if known)
  • F#* or serial number of robot
  • P.O. or credit card for ordering
  • Shipping & billing addresses
  • Repairs - problem descriptions (any symptoms, error codes, or diagnostic LEDs that were identified)
  • Warranty - F#* or PO you placed original order with.


A return authorization ("RA") from the Spare Parts department is required before any material is shipped back to FANUC America.  Items returned without proper authorization will be subject to a return at customer expenses.

F# is located on the robot base or operational panel.

To register for free online services: CRC Registration.

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Press 3: Onsite Field Service

Facsimile: 866-252-3996

  • Down robot service
  • Warranty service
  • Robot operational audits
  • Preventive maintenance services

For best results have:

  • Part name & number (if known)
  • F#* or serial number of robot
  • P.O., credit card, or receiving # for warranty, down units or software
  • Shipping & billing addresses
  • Reason for repair (any symptoms, error codes, or diagnostic LEDs that were identified)
  • Requested arrival time
  • Parts in inventory

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Press 4: Product & Systems Training

Facsimile: 248-377-7367

For best call results have:

  • Your billing address
  • Types of courses needed
  • Special requirements
  • Robot, controller type and robot F#*
  • Proposed training dates/requested training dates
  • Number of people attending
  • Student names (if available)
  • Method of payment (P.O., credit card, etc...)

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Press 5: Marketing, Sales, & Literature Requests

  • New robot product sales
  • System solution sales
  • Product and application information

For best call results have:

  • Description of your needs

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