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IACETAdvancediRVision Operation and Programming - 2D


The course covers the advanced tasks and procedures required for an operator, technician, engineer or programmer to set up, teach, test, and modify iRVision applications.

Course Code: ADViRV-2D

Course Objectives: : Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to select the correct vision process and command tools based on the application. The student will be able to know and understand the difference between locator tools, process tools, measurements tools and evaluations tools and know how to use them correctly. The student will be able to create multiple processes using several different parts and concepts. The student will be able to perform several different calibration procedures and will follow recommended safety practices. More specifically:

  • Understand the Process Tree, including Parent, Child and Sibling Tools
  • Understand the Vision Register Data, such as Offset Data, Found Position Data and Measurement Data and how to extract specific information
  • Create a vision process using “Found Position”
  • Calibrate both a robot-mounted and fixed camera using several different methods
  • Setup and configure Application Setup Tools
  • Setup and configure Vision Support Tools
  • Create multiple vision processes using a variety of locator tools, command tools and process tools
  • Program the robot to respond to vision results

Recommended safety procedures are integrated into all training exercises. In addition to presentations and demonstrations, this course offers a series of lab exercises for the student to complete. Lab exercises relate directly to the classroom presentations and are intended to reinforce what the student has learned through actual hands-on experience.

Audience: This course is intended for the person who must install, set up, program, teach, test and troubleshoot a FANUC America iRVision system.

Prerequisites: Completion of the iRVision Operations and Programming – 2D Course or have successfully completed the iRVision 2D OPT-OUT online exam, plus completion of a live, FANUC instructor led Operation and Programming course (such as HandlingTool, ArcTool, SpotTool). Completion of an online eLearn Operation and Programming course will not meet this Operation and Programming prerequisite.

Development fees: Development charges will be added to any on-site training request.

We reserve the right to cancel or modify classes at any time