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SpotTool Features and Options


This course is designed for advanced students who have taken SpotTool Operations and Programming, or who have demonstrated similar skill level. This course does not address ServoGun Setup or Operations.

Due to enhanced software features, please specify your application upon registration.

Course Code: ADV0610

Course Objectives: Students successfully completing this course will be able to set up and operate the following features:

  • Shift Function
  • Tool Frame Adjust option
  • Coordinates Offset Function
  • Remote Tool Center Point option
  • Error Recovery option
  • Collision Guard option
  • DeviceNet I/O option
  • Controller Backup and Restore
  • SpotTool+ Advanced Functions option
  • Program Toolbox option

Recommended safety procedures are integrated into all training exercises.

The course consists of lectures, demonstrations, and a series of lab exercises designed to reinforce what the student has learned.

In addition to lab exercises, a pretest and posttest are used to measure mastery of objectives.

Audience: This course is intended for the person who set up, program, or optimize a FANUC robot equipped with SpotTool software package and the above options.

Prerequisites: Attendance in a SpotTool Operations and Programming class.