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IACETAdvanced TPP Programming


Advanced programming is the next step after an Operation and Programming class.  Topics from the previous classes will be used in this class to develop a more complex scenario.  Students will be given a hypothetical example workcell.  Then they will be given the task of creating all the necessary programs to deal with multifaceted issues using Advanced Programming techniques.

Course Code: ADVTPP

Course Objectives: Students successfully completing this course will be able to:

  • Understand Frame manipulation related to programming issues 
  • Understand advanced program control structures 
  • Develop programs with a language independent model
  • Perform coding of programs using advanced programming techniques 
  • Set up Multi-tasking operations
  • Create Condition Monitors
  • Design methods for Error Trapping/Recovery 

The course consists of demonstrations, and a series of lab exercises designed to reinforce what the student has learned.

In addition to lab exercises, a pretest and posttest are used to measure mastery of objectives.

Prerequisites: Completion of a live, FANUC instructor led Operation and Programming course (such as HandlingTool, ArcTool, SpotTool). Completion of an online eLearn Operation and Programming course will not meet this Operation and Programming prerequisite.

We reserve the right to cancel classes at any time.