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IACETiRVision Operations & Programming-3D Multiview R-30iB

16 Contact Hours (1.50 CEU)

This course covers the basic tasks and procedures required to set up, teach, test, and modify processes that make use of R-30iB Version 8.1 or 8.2 iRVision software used specifically for 3-D multi-view processes.

Course Code: iRVision-3DMV-R30iB

Course Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, the student can identify the components of a vision system, install vision hardware, develop an application, program the robot, perform error recovery procedures and follow recommended safety practices. More specifically:

  • View and/or change robot and computer parameters to facilitate access to the robot’s web page
  • Setup cameras
  • Understand basic vision concepts
  • Master a robot using vision mastering
  • Create tool frame for the robot applicator
  • Use Automatic Grid Frame Set to create a tool frame for the grid
  • Create a cell user frame
  • Calibrate a camera
  • Setup a 3-D multi-view vision process
  • Program the robot to respond to vision results

In addition to presentations and demonstrations, this course offers a series of lab exercises for the student to complete. Lab exercises relate directly to the classroom presentations and are intended to reinforce what the student has learned through actual hands-on experience.

Audience:This course is intended for the person who must set-up, program, and troubleshoot an R-30iB version 8.1 or 8.2 iRVision – 3-D multi-view system using an R-30iB FANUC Robot equipped with iRVision.

Prerequisites: Completion of a live, FANUC instructor led Operation and Programming course (such as HandlingTool, ArcTool, SpotTool). Completion of an online eLearn Operation and Programming course will not meet this Operation and Programming prerequisite.

We reserve the right to cancel or modify classes at any time.