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KAREL Operations and Introduction to Programming


This course covers operation of the SYSTEMS R-J/R-J2/R-J3/R-J3iB/R-30iA Controller and fundamentals of the KAREL language. Instruction includes material contained in the "Robot Operations" course which includes TPP in addition to fundamental programming techniques using the KAREL language. The course is not an in-depth programming course, and is focused on the interpretation of existing code rather than development of application programs. This course covers both TPP and KAREL languages.  This reflects typical application design

Course Code: J2P0315

Course Objectives:Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Recover from common programming errors and servo faults
  • Create and update TPP programs
  • Translate and load a KAREL production program
  • Record, append, delete and insert nodes in an existing KAREL path
  • Test, run and execute the program
  • Force/Simulate I/O
  • Check axis limits and alter them as needed
  • Concepts covered in this course include language syntax, branchingconstructs, system variables, user interface, simple KAREL logic, motion control, I/O, interrupt routines, and recommended safety procedures.

Recommended safety procedures are integrated into all training exercises.

The course consists of lectures, demonstrations, and a series of lab exercises designed to reinforce what the student has learned.

In addition to lab exercises, a pretest and posttest are used to measure mastery of objectives.


This course is for personnel such as electricians, technicians, and operators who install, repair, test, and maintain the R-J/R-J2/R-J3/R-J3iB/R-30iA KAREL Controller. Students with some previous programming knowledge may select the more in-depth coverage of the KAREL Operations and Accelerated Programming course.

Prerequisites: None.
We reserve the right to cancel or modify classes at any time.