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HandlingPRO is a 3D robot simulation program.

Course Code: PRO0310-2

Course Objectives: This course will provide procedures for creating a HandlingPRO virtual workcell. When completed, the workcell created will contain a FANUC robot with end-of-arm tooling, one or more fixtures for holding a part and a robot TPP Program which moves the part from one fixture to the other. More specifically, the student will:

  • Understanding of Robot Neighborhood
  • Create a new workcell
  • Edit the robot properties
  • Add a part to the workcell
  • Add End-of-Arm Tooling to the robot
  • Add a pick and place fixture to the workcell
  • Create/run a robot program
  • Program Generation from a part (CAD to path)
  • Create an AVI of the workcell
  • Create a program showing random part pickup and placement
  • Add up to 4 motion groups
  • Create Machines for additional motion groups
  • Match Real Cell to Simulated Cell using UFrame, Calibrate fixtures and Measurement Tool
  • Importing & Exporting to the Robot

Recommended safety procedures are integrated into all training exercises. In addition to presentations and demonstrations, this course offers a series of lab exercises for the student to complete. Lab exercises relate directly to the classroom presentations and are intended to reinforce what the student has learned through actual hands-on experience.

Audience: This course is designed for application engineers who need to design robotic workcells, perform cycle time or reachability studies, or generate robot paths.

Prerequisites: Completion of an "Operation & Programming" class.

Note: For training done at the customer's facility the customer is responsible to supply each student with computers that match the software's system requirements.

We reserve the right to cancel or modify classes as any time.