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Course Code: RPM0310

This interactive course provides the detailed discussion of procedures necessary for recommended Preventative and Periodic Maintenance (PM) of a FANUC robot mechanical unit.

Course Objectives: Students successfully completing this course will be able to:

  • Analyze robot installation and process conditions affecting maintenance schedules
  • Track factors affecting maintenance schedules
  • Determine adjustments to standard maintenance schedule tasks based on:
    • Consumption of operating hours
    • Environmental conditions
    • Duty Cycle
      • Process activity
      • Payload capacity utilization
      • Speed and articulation
  • Execute Checks, Inspections and Maintenance tasks
    • Daily Checks – pre and post operation
      • Recognize and isolate possible mechanical concerns
        • Vibration and abnormal noise
        • Motor heating
        • Changing repeatability
        • Brake operation
        • Battery back-up
    • Quarterly Checks
      • Examination and action to assure proper function
        • Control Unit Cables
        • Ventilation of Control Unit
        • External Dress Package
        • Mechanical Unit Harness
        • Cleaning and Checking Parts
        • Securing Fasteners
    • Annual Checks / Maintenance
      • Service of Drive-train and revisiting items
        • Lubrication of Bearings
        • Grease replacement of Harmonic Reducers
        • Mechanical Unit Harness, Cleaning and Checking Parts and Securing Fasteners
    • 1.5 Year Checks / Maintenance
      • Service of Battery back-up system
        • Avoiding loss of robot mastering
    • 3 Year Checks / Maintenance
      • Service of Drive-train and Pivot Mechanisms
        • Detailed instruction for grease replacement, including proper positioning, outlet and ventilation, grease input and residual pressure release for
          • RV Reducers
          • Cyclo Reducers
          • Custom Gearboxes
          • Linkage Pivot Assemblies
          • Bearing Assemblies

The course contains no hands on training on the robot units.
The course consists of lectures and photographic material designed to reinforce what the student has learned.

Audience: This course is recommended for mechanical maintenance technicians or other persons responsible for mechanical troubleshooting and maintenance of the robot.

Prerequisites: Previous experience or training in a related field involving mechanical disassembly, repair, and assembly of robots or machine tools.


Training materials: Each student receives a generic handout written for this class. 

Facility:  FANUC America maintains a complete training facility which includes:

  • 8 classrooms at Rochester Hills, Michigan, plus classrooms in 6 regional locations
  • Over 22,000 square feet of dedicated training lab space in Rochester Hills
  • Over 50 robots permanently installed in our Rochester Hills training lab.  This permits a low standard student to robot ratio of 2:1 with a maximum recommended ratio of 4:1.
  • Class rooms located next to our robot laboratory for easy access to training robots
  • A full service cafeteria so that no class time needs to be spent ordering lunches

Instructors and Engineering support: FANUC America has 20 certified instructors with an average of over 16 years experience working with FANUC Equipment.  Our Training Department is backed by FANUC America full Engineering and Product Development staffs to ensure our training materials are accurate and up to date.