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This course is designed to introduce the system hardware devices, including system operator panels, and system operations and control procedures. Included also are specific instructions on the theory of operation, safety, and normal startup/shutdown of the FANUC Robotics’ Sealer System. Items such as recovery from common error conditions during system operation are also covered. This course is conducted at the customer site on the actual system, which must be made available for this training. If the Sealer System includes a FANUC Vision System, training on the Vision System is recommended as a separate course.

Course Code: SLRSYSOPS2

Course Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course the student can startup and shut down the system, operate all production operator panels and devices, and recover from common error conditions.

  • Review of System Control Console (SCC) Operation
  • Paintworks III Graphical User Interface (GUI) Screens
  • IPD or IPS Dispensing System Overview

Audience: This course is designed for personnel responsible for the operation, maintenance, and programming of the FANUC Robotics Sealer System, and is a prerequisite to the System Maintenance course.

Prerequisites: R-J3iB DispenseTool Operations and Programming Course or Robot Operations Course and R-J3iB Electrical Maintenance Course.

Recommended: None

We reserve the right to cancel or modify classes at any time.

NOTE:  Systems Classes are composed of equal parts classroom and actual hands on training to insure the training is effective.  The sealing cell and/or equipment must be made available for 50% of the scheduled class time.