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FANUC Robot Enhancement Services

Purchasing a FANUC Product is a long term investment, and FANUC America Corporation understands that. We take pride in knowing that our robots are built to last, but we also know that overtime robots will need a little attention to keep them working at their best. That is why FANUC has created the Certified Robot Reapplication Group, comprised of several certified robot reapplication technicians that are here to offer complete support for your robot at an affordable price.

FANUC America Corporation is the only certified repair house for your robots and exclusively offers our FANUC Certified Repair Certification on all recertified products.

Our Certified Robot Reapplication Group offers a wide range of services that include the following:

Robot Before Enhancement
Robot After Enhancement

Robot Evaluation Services

This evaluation service includes a thorough examination and several tests to identify the condition of the robot(s). Once the evaluation is complete, FANUC America Corporation will provide a detailed proposal outlining a customized repair and maintenance solution for your robot. This proposal will include all costs and scope of work associated with the re-certification process.

Robot Evaluation Service consists of:

  • Visual inspection of the robot and controller
  • Powering up the robot and checking general functionality
  • Checking teach pendant functionality
  • Performing backlash tests
  • Exercising the robot for a minimum of 3 hours
  • Conducting a repeatability test

To learn more about our robot evaluation services or to get a quote, contact

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Re-Certification Service

The re-certification service takes the evaluation of the robot to the next level. The service includes complete disassembly of each axes or assemblies that did not pass the tests performed during the robot evaluation. The intent of this process is to further identify any non-conforming items which may otherwise be difficult to detect. The re-certification service will correct all non-conformities identified. Testing and validation is performed to ensure that the robot(s) conform to original factory specifications.

Re-Certification Service consists of four processes:

  1. Inspection
  2. Mechanical Unit and/or controller repairs
  3. Maintenance
  4. Test & Validation

All replacement parts come with FANUC’s Standard One-Year Warranty To learn more about our robot evaluation services or to get a quote, contact

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Robot Restoration Services

This service is only recommended for robots that have significant usage and have been in production for over 8 years. This service would consist of a complete inspection of the robot, mechanical unit and controller repairs, as needed. Loading of appropriate software and complete remastering of the robot. The robot restoration service will bring the robot back to FANUC factory standard specifications and once completed will result in a full one-year robot warranty.

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Repurposing Services

Sometimes the application you purchased the robot for changes. Instead of purchasing a new robot, let our FANUC Certified Robot Reapplication repurpose it, by converting hardware and or software the robot to meet your new application needs. Contact us at to discuss your changing application. We will need the F# of the robot and if possible the F# of a robot that already has the desired hardware and software.

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Learning Vibration Control (LVC) Studies and Upgrades

FANUC America Certified Reapplication Services Group is proud to offer our customers the opportunity to increase throughput and efficiency of their robot applications with the addition of Learning Vibration Control (LVC) hardware and software.

This revolutionary product can be added to existing systems and can increase throughput and also reduce vibration of the robot arm. By completing an evaluation of your robots paths, FANUC would be able to determine if LVC is the right fit for your robotic application and can provide pricing to install the hardware and software. Contact us at to learn more about LVC and schedule your evaluation.

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Customization Services

FANUC offers several robot options that can be purchased with the initial robot purchase or they can be purchased aftermarket and can be installed on your robot by our Certified Robot Reapplication technicians. These options that weren’t originally purchased with the robot, such as iRVision enhance your robots capability and can improve the overall application.

To learn more about our robot customization services or to get a quote, contact

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